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Thursday, October 19, 2006


One of my inspirations for starting this blog was an issue of The Author magazine (the Journal of the Society of Authors) which featured, on the back cover, photos of the places where different authors spend their time writing and included an article about Three authors who blog. So it seemed appropriate to include a picture of my own workspace:

It looks a bit of a mess, but it's developed over the past few years to fit me quite snugly. I suffer from fairly severe RSI (repetitive strain injury) and spent several years working through pain and struggling to work anything near full-time. In the past year or so though, after lots of small adjustments to my workspace, to my computer equipment and, most importantly, to the way I work, I seem to have found a relatively comfortable working environment which puts minimum strain on my rather sensitive frame. I still set off my various aches and pains occasionally, especially when I get too caught up in something or just overdo things generally, but mostly manage to plod along relatively pain-free nowadays.


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