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Thursday, July 09, 2009

A space to work

Yesterday was a day of huge emotional highs and lows, just one of many on the route to finding a new place to live. I'd spotted a fantastic-looking house for rent a couple of days before, went to see it yesterday lunchtime and immediately fell in love. I realised it was going to go quickly, so immediately came home and phoned my boyfriend at work. He agreed to trust my judgement and so I whizzed up to the letting agent with my deposit cheque to bags it before anyone else. I walked home full of excitement and starting to plan where my furniture would go. Little did I know that someone else had done the same thing at almost exactly the same time and in a phone call an hour later, I found I'd been gazumped! So much for the property market being slow at the moment!

Finding a place to live is always a tricky process, deciding what you're looking for and what you're prepared to compromise on, but it's complicated even further when you work from home. Not only does this mean that you need a working space, preferably not in that "smaller second bedroom", but it also means that you spend an awful lot more time in your home than if you went out to work, so the space you choose takes on a hugely important role in your life.

Oh well, I suppose I'd better get back to rightmove again in search of that perfect space ...


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