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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Organized chaos

My desk isn't usually spotlessly tidy, but it's generally fairly organized. Well, actually I have two desks - the one I work at has my screen and keyboard and stuff on it, but not a lot else - a few pens, a notebook and a space for my tea mug. Then I have a second desk, at right-angles to the first, which gets covered in papers and books. As a rule, these gradually build up until I can't find something, then I have a clear-up.

Since I've been teaching though, my usual sense of order has rather gone out of the window. I rush in and out with various stacks of papers - handouts, marking, etc. which started off on the usual 'overflow desk', but have now crept across the floor:

I keep resolving to tidy up, but it seems that in those moments when I'm not actually teaching, preparing or marking, I'm trying to catch up on the other bits of 'normal' work that I'm trying to keep ticking over. Thus the mess just keeps expanding and I'm now reaching the point where I have to climb over the piles of papers to get to my chair.

Although I'm really enjoying the buzz of teaching and the chance to get away from my desk for large chunks of the day, I am quite looking forward to the end of the course, a big clear-up and the resumption of normal service!

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