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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Being away from my desk over the summer - combined with some new painkillers - my RSI has calmed down somewhat since its flare-up back in May. It's still lingering under the surface though, ready to come raging back at the slightest provocation (yesterday just washing my hair left my right hand cramped and painful). So I've been very careful to try and plan a gentle return to my desk with just a couple of small projects agreed to through the autumn.

But as ever in the world of freelancing, planning is always a rather pointless exercise. At the mercy of publishers, work you agree to is always rather tenuous and subject to change. So I shouldn't have been surprised when yesterday I received an email to say that the main project I'd expected to come back to has probably now fallen through, leaving me with very little to keep me going through the coming weeks. Normally, I'd 'overbook' myself to compensate for possible cancellations and delays, but it was just that sort of overcommitment that got me into trouble earlier in the year. It seems that being choosy has left me vulnerable too. You just can't win!

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