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Thursday, April 08, 2010

The positive effects of sunshine

After endless months of cold and snow and rain, today is finally sunny. And I don't just mean a bit of brightness, but proper warm sunshine with not a cloud in the sky. And I can feel the mood has changed, even sat here at my desk I can see people walking by in t-shirts, smiling and chatting. Even the sounds are different somehow, with the window open next to me, it almost sounds like summer out there, something about the way sounds carry through the air differently ... or perhaps I'm imagining that bit!

This morning I spotted these workmen on scaffolding, high up at the back of a building nearby, out enjoying the sunshine. What you can't see in the picture is that they were all swinging their legs, just like little kids sat on the edge of a jetty!

Today also marked a milestone with my first lunch out on the roof terrace - hooray! A big bowl of salad nicoise, followed by the crossword, a cup of tea and a bit of a snooze in the sun - yes, it was really that warm! I'd have stayed out there all afternoon had the sun not moved behind a nextdoor building, leaving me in shade. I think I'm going to definitely have to get a table out there and an extension lead for my laptop or I'm never going to get any work done this summer!

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