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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Powering back up

I arrived back from Marrakesh just after midnight last night after a 10-day holiday in Morocco and washed the thick coating of dust off my feet before climbing contently back into my own bed for a good, long sleep. Today I've been very glad of being freelance and enjoying the luxury of getting back up to speed slowly! It's always tough to switch your brain back into work mode after a break, but I think it takes just that bit longer the further you've been away from the norm. Going from haggling in the souks and avoiding being run over by donkey carts in the narrow alleyways of the Marrakesh medina yesterday afternoon to tackling a bulging inbox and getting my head back around grammar codes and run-ons today has been a rather surreal leap!

In fact, somewhere around lunchtime, I gave up on the idea of doing anything terribly productive today - my brain just isn't ready! So I've been doing a bit of mindless admin, putting on a few loads of washing and just generally settling myself back in. I've managed to deal with most of my inbox, although I've got three offers of new work - all of which look really interesting, but none of which I think I can fit in - that I've rather lamely put off replying to until tomorrow. Why does the good stuff always come along altogether in a flurry?!

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