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Friday, October 30, 2009

New workspace

Just a quick post to say that I'm now back at my desk in my new place.

My 'office space' is still a bit of a mess. Sadly, a desk leg got broken in the move, so I'm working on my 'overflow desk' for the moment, until I can get to IKEA for a replacement leg. It's fine, but it makes me realise why I usually have two desks - it's filling up with papers after just a few days! As my dictionaries got packed at the bottom of various boxes, they're reappearing gradually as things get unpacked.

I'm really liking my new workspace though, it's a mezzanine above the living area, so although relatively small, it feels fantastically light and airy and I've got some great views, down the street in one direction to watch all the comings and goings, and across the rooftops through a roof window on the other side. Let's hope it proves to be inspirational!


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