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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What (not) to wear ...?

I'm just thinking about getting ready for a trip to Oxford tomorrow for a launch party for the new Global coursebooks; checking train times and deciding what to wear - something smart but not too dressy, classy but not too 'middle-aged academic'!! People who go out to work and have business meetings every day might find this a bit funny, but when you work from home and most of your contact is via email, face-to-face meetings do take on an added significance. As a freelance colleague put it to me recently, it's our chance to remind the publishers we work for that we're real people and not just "service providers".

It's also an excuse to get away from my desk for a day (Hooray!! My RSI 's very bad at the mo) and will be a chance to catch up with 'colleagues' who I don't see very often. I'll post news of how it goes (and maybe photos) when I get back ...

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