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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A trip to the Palace!

On Tuesday, I got to visit Buckingham Palace to collect the ESU President's award from the Duke of Edinburgh for the Global eworkbook, along with other members of the Global team. There was quite a group of us because the Global students' book also won the ESU book award! Everyone keeps asking me what it was like and it's a bit difficult to put into words. There was definitely a kind of childish excitement amongst everyone as we waited outside and then made our way across the forecourt and into the palace. I'm no great monarchist, and to be honest, the bit of the palace we got to see wasn't especially any grander than your average National Trust country house, but there's undeniably something exciting about getting to go somewhere with so much historical significance. Lindsay articulated it well in the taxi later when he said that as a Canadian, the shape of his country was probably decided in that very building! He also pointed out that Prince Philip has probably met anyone who's been anyone in the twentieth century, from Gandhi to Churchill, the Beetles to Obama ... quite a thought.

Sadly, we couldn't take cameras inside the palace, so I've only got a few pictures outside (in the wind and rain!) and at the ESU reception afterwards. There was an official photographer snapping away, so if I can find out what happened to those pictures later, I'll add them or link to them.

It was also a good chance to meet up with lots of colleagues and talk 'shop'. As a freelancer working away at my desk, although I really enjoy what I do and I am proud of a lot of the stuff I produce, I don't spend as much time talking about it and getting caught up in the whole thing as the in-house folk. I tend to see myself as a jobbing writer who just gets on with whatever the current project is. At these sort of events, I find all the talk of markets and trends, the future of publishing and digital content rather goes over my head! Which perhaps goes to show why it is so important to get out and keep in touch.

All round, it was a fun day, a great excuse to dress up and very nice to hear so much positive feedback on Global from so many different quarters. Thanks to everyone for a great day!

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Anonymous Lindsay Clandfield said...

It was certainly a fun day - great to see you there, and very nice dress (you, ahem, didn't mention what kind of dress it was... ;-)

8:32 pm  

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