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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Old kit

I'm now installed in my cool Brighton pad for the week and have resisted the temptation to go out shopping and have spent the day working away on my laptop. (Not that much of a hardship as it's rather grey and chilly.) I've got a nice big table to work at in a bay window, so bright and quite inspiring even on a cloudy day.

As you'll see, rather than the graphics tablet I'd intended to bring with me, I've got a standard mouse. The reason? Well, when I went to plug my graphics tablet into my new laptop, it wouldn't recognise it. Unsurprising perhaps, seeing as my tablet's more then 12 years old! I got it when my RSI first started and I went freelance, along with my screen, keyboard and chair, all of which are still going strong. I think that's quite impressive in today's throw-away age!

I know I could probably have downloaded the relevant drivers to get the graphics tablet to work, but I had a long list of other stuff to do, so just grabbed the mouse instead for this time. The set-up's not feeling too bad, especially since I propped the laptop up on it's case to give me a better typing angle. I need to find out if there's such a thing as a combined carry-case/cover and stand - if not I might have to design and make my own.

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