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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Empty desks

The good news is I've finally got my desks set up properly again - the picture below shows a lovely clear state which won't occur again for at least another couple of years! After a couple of fruitless trips to IKEA, I finally got a replacement leg yesterday and after lots of swearing trying to put it together and manoeuvring in a tight space, I now have my new workspace set up beautifully.
On a less positive note, I'm having to severely restrict the hours I spend sat at my new desk. Having rather overdone work over a couple of weeks, my RSI flared up again at the start of this week and everything has come to stop again. I'd been doing so well at pacing myself, sticking to just a few hours a day, but sadly, work doesn't always come in a-few-hours-a-day packages and it's all too easy to just do an extra hour or so to finish something off. I should know that I always pay for those extra hours a bit down the line, but it's just so frustrating always having to stop just as you get going. I'll learn one day ...

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