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Thursday, March 25, 2010

How d'you get there?

Bristol is well known for its graffiti, not just the Banksies, but lots of little bits of urban art tucked away in the city's streets, like this fantastic typewriter down a little lane at the side of our house.

Lots of it is very clever, but recently I've started to notice a phenomena that really makes me smile. A few weeks ago, I spotted a road sign on the way out of Bristol, in amongst a battery of signs on a one-way system, for Timbuctoo! But it wasn't an amateurish, jokey sign, it'd been carefully included on an existing sign, very professionally, same lettering etc. so that you hardly noticed it. In fact, I'm sure lots of people didn't! It was one of those marvellous double-take moments. Sadly, the next time I went that way, it'd gone. But then yesterday, I came across another on my way to the dentist's. It made me smile even in the midst of filling anxiety!

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Blogger elpats said...

Hi there. I run the website, www.bristol-street-art.co.uk and just stumbled across your blog post with the typewriter stencil. I haven't seen the piece before, perhaps you'd like to add it to my site, you would of course be credited. If not then maybe you can let me know where is and I'll go and photograph it.

You can use this page to contact me

Thanks. Justin.

5:56 pm  

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