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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Hot air rising

In the recent spell of very cold weather, once again, I've been feeling particularly pleased with my super-cosy workspace. My 'office' is a kind of mezzanine floor at the top of the house, in the roofspace, overlooking the living area and as such, all the warm air generated by the central heating rises up and keeps it wonderfully toasty. On even the coldest of days (and it's been down to about -5 during the day lately), I'm finding that I don't have to keep the heating on all day, because the warmth lingers up in my workspace for ages.

This little mezzanine space was one of the main reasons for choosing the house when we moved just over a year ago. Although it's quite small - about 2.5x2.5 metres - it's big enough for my two desks and a couple of bookcases. And it doesn't feel cramped because it looks out over the living area and across to a double-height window with views down the street. I've got a Velux window too, looking out across the rooftops. So loads of natural light, even on a winter's day.

I particularly love the fact that it gives me a separate workspace, away from the living area, up it's own flight of stairs, but at the same time, not too tucked away. And going up and down those stairs keeps me fit too!

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