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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Having your cake ... and not eating it

I often suffer from a bit of a mid-afternoon lull, especially through the winter months, and find myself drawn to one of the numerous delis and cafes nearby to get a cake (or a pastry or a tart or a chocolate croissant) to go with my afternoon cup of tea. It's a habit that I occasionally resolve to kick, but generally just give in to.

This afternoon, I was starting to flag at about 3.30, so I nipped out in the last dregs of daylight to get a little square of lemon polenta cake (a regular favourite). I got back and made myself a nice pot of leaf tea to go with it. I took my mug of tea back to my desk and carried on with work. It was only a couple of hours later, when I got up to stretch, that I realised the cake was still sitting in the kitchen in its brown paper bag ... uneaten!

I guess, it just goes to show that it's actually the break, the fresh air and the activity of wandering down the road and deciding where to go and what to get that I need to perk me up rather than the actual sugar kick. It seems a bit late to eat the cake now, so I suppose it'll keep until tomorrow.

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