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Monday, June 28, 2010

The joys of freelancing ... #4 Sport

I'm a big sports fan and, despite England's ignominious exit from the World Cup at the weekend, I'm still loving all the summer sport. I always work with the radio on anyway -- if I try to work in silence, my mind just seems to wander -- so keeping up with the football and the tennis doesn't seem to have a negative effect on my work rate. I generally follow online, listening to the commentary as I work and flicking to the video when the commentator's voice goes up a notch!

What's more, a recent patch of overwork has caused my RSI to flare up, so I'm trying to be strict about limiting my hours. Thus, a mid-afternoon break on the terrace with the TV set up just inside the doors is perfect for keeping me away from my desk for an hour or so. The heat's great for easing my aches and pains -- the tan's not coming along too badly either!

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