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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Away from my desk ...

Well, I'm now almost exactly halfway through my 5 weeks of summer teaching and I don't think I've managed to improve my time management skills any - I'm still spending much more time "in school" than I should be and struggling to get any time at my desk. Very behind with my schedule for other projects, but not panicking just yet!

Below are a few other things I've noticed since I've been "out at work" for most of my time:
  • My tea consumption has dropped considerably - one flask has to last me through most of the day!
  • I'm feeling really out-of-touch with the news. I'm so used to listening to the radio for most of the day - a bit of breakfast TV and the evening news doesn't feel the same. Didn't realise I had become such a news junkie!
  • Lunch has been reduced from a nice hot salad or a dish of pasta to a snatched egg sandwich!
  • I'm struggling to switch off at the end of the day - I'm dreaming about teaching.
  • My regular swimming has been almost completely sacrificed :(
On the plus side though, I'm really enjoying the adrenaline buzz of teaching and the interaction with colleagues. I'm feeling much more alert and perky than usual, even though I'm exhausted at the end of the day. I'm also getting a chance to pull lots of things out my wardrobe that I don't usually wear and enjoy putting together new outfits each morning :)

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