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Monday, June 20, 2011

The joys of freelancing #6 ... dealing with downtime

My broadband internet connection is generally pretty fast and reliable (thanks BT!), but just occasionally, it decides to stop working, like it did after lunch today. I tried switching my router off and on again, to no avail, and as I was working on some online corpus research, I couldn't really get on until I was back online.

Rather than staying sat at my desk, feeling frustrated and clicking away every couple of minutes, I headed down to the garage instead and spent a very satisfying half an hour painting some more planks of wood (that I'm using to build some raised beds), while listening to the cricket commentary on the radio! I can definitely see the attraction of sheds ...

Anyway, by the time I'd rinsed out my brush, washed my hands and headed back up to my desk, I was back online and able to carry on having had a good break and achieved something too.

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