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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Underwater inspiration

I go swimming twice a week, usually at the end of the morning when the pool's nice and quiet. It makes a really nice break from my desk, both physically and mentally. There's something about being underwater that's just so incredibly calming. I always enjoy the complete lack of noise and distractions for the 20 minutes or so I spend breaststroking up and down.

Sometimes, I let my mind go completely blank and just focus on the physical action of swimming; concentrating on my stroke, counting lengths or just trying to keep up with the bloke next to me doing his inefficient splashy front crawl! Often I let my mind wander, planning what to have for dinner, thinking about my next trip away or debating whether I can justify buying another White Stuff skirt I spotted in the shop on my way to the pool. Just occasionally though, I mull over something work-related. I consider whether or not to take on a new piece of work I've been offered which sounds quite interesting, but which I can't really fit into my schedule without overdoing it. I compose a tactful email reply as I swim up and down, politely declining the job, while still expressing an interest in anything that might come up further down the line.

Today though, I found myself, quite unconsciously, carrying on where I'd left off at my desk. Within a few lengths I found that I'd come up with not just the idea, but the final text for the last two exercises I needed to complete the workbook unit I'm currently working on. So after I'd showered, dried my hair and walked home - avoiding White Stuff this time - all that remained was to sit back down at my desk and type it up. Nothing like a bit of underwater inspiration!

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