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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


An article about typefaces and fonts just caught my eye on the BBC website - "Do typefaces really matter?" The article itself though was less interesting to me than the graphic that accompanied it, below:

It's not that choice of font doesn't interest me - I know it's very important and a fascinating area - it's just that I'm far more attracted by physical letters somehow. So, I thought I'd share a few that I have around my office:

A large cardboard Q on the stairs

A curly, lower case 'g'- the style I use in my own handwriting rather than the more conventional handwritten 'g'

Some of my own wooden printers' blocks - I won't spell out the full word here for fear of causing offence!

Rather annoyingly, this blog doesn't display in the font I create it in, so you can't see the distinction between the two g's I typed above. I really must go into the settings and get it changed some time ...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the wooden blocks in the rude word!

3:57 pm  

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