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Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday afternoons

My Friday afternoons tend to fall into three types:

1 The best kind are when I've planned my week's work just right so I manage to finish something off and can knock off early at lunchtime or mid-afternoon. Then I can happily start my weekend early and do something nice.

2 The worst kind are when I'm behind schedule and find myself still head down trying to make progress by the time the News Quiz starts at 6.30, not wanting to go into the weekend with something still hanging over me.

3 Today was the third type; I didn't have a deadline or anything specific to complete, I'm just plodding along in the middle of stuff. It's been a short but quite intense week and by today, I didn't really have the energy or the brain power to tackle anything too taxing. I spent this morning doing bits and pieces, then after lunch decided to settle down to watch some video material that we might use for a project I'm working on. This was just meant to be a first watch-through to decide what we might use and where, so didn't need intensive concentration. I slipped the DVD into my laptop and set it up to watch while I got on with a pile of ironing ... oddly calming and quite satisfying too!

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Anonymous Karen said...

I had my favourite kind of Friday afternoon yesterday. I'd been training and staying away from home Wed to Fri lunchtime. When I got in I gave my emails a quick check, then headed to the hairdresser's for a couple of hours. Magazines, coffees, pampering. And no phone signal! Days like that are rare, but valuable. Have a good weekend!

7:44 am  

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