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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The joys of freelancing ... #2 Tea on the terrace

Those of you who know me or have followed the blog for a while, will know that I moved house back in October. One of the draws of the new house was its little roof terrace (actually just the top of the garage, accessed through double doors from the living room on the first floor). Sadly, soon after we'd moved in, I realised that it was actually in shade for most of the day and as the winter sun's got lower in the sky, it's been completely in shade even on the odd sunny day. Today though, I noticed for the first time, that the sun is creeping back into a sliver in the corner. It's no more than a foot or two at the moment, but it's given me hope of greater things to come as the sun gradually climbs higher in the sky over the coming months and hopefully clears the surrounding buildings.

It also provided the perfect excuse for a joy that I hope is to come; tea on the terrace! Because of my RSI, I try to get away from my desk at every excuse and there's surely no better way to take a break than with a cup of tea in the sunshine! The tea, by the way, for any tea connoisseurs, is teapigs Morning Glory - my favourite post-lunch brew.

And while I was out there, a glance into my neighbour's garden revealed some beautiful crocuses showing their faces to the sun - spring must be on its way!

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