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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Confirmation niggle

I try not to moan on this blog, but the occasional work-related grumble can't help but break through. In this week's spirit of finishing off and tidying up, I sent off two big chunks of work at the start of the week (to different publishers). Each one represented scores of hours' work and together they amounted to £3000's worth of work. Both were emailed as attachments and each was copied in to two members of in-house staff. To date, I've had no confirmation that either has been received!

Now unless there's something wrong with my internet connection and both have mysteriously gone astray (which I very much doubt), that strikes me as pretty poor etiquette, especially as both editors had been pushing me to get the work finished and stressing how much they needed it on time! It kind of leaves you wondering why you bothered to rush...

Whenever I receive any material, via email or post, I always make sure that I confirm receipt straight away and I have to say that most of the in-house folk I work with are pretty good about it too. It surely doesn't take much just to fire off a quick email saying "I received the stuff you sent, thanks.", does it?!

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Blogger Diane Nicholls said...

Hi Julie, I hear you! I found myself being utterly delighted last week because a client acknowledged receipt of and thanked me for some work. I was so chuffed I mentioned it to my other half. It wasn't until I analysed the bemused and slightly pitying look on his face that I was reminded it's actually no more than a common courtesy rather than something so unusual it should make my day! Down with rude clients! Of course, I suppose they could be on holiday?

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