The occasional ramblings of a freelance lexicographer

Monday, September 25, 2006

Dipping a toe into cyberspace

I've been planning to create my own website for a couple of years now and it is, undoubtedly, moving towards being a reality. I've been to a couple of web design courses at the local college, I've researched lots of other websites, I've bought a book on website creation and I've even been to a talk about writers having a presence on the web. I haven't, as yet, quite got round to the nuts and bolts of setting my website up though. This blog is intended as a first step in the right direction.

I plan to have a link from my site to this blog and to use it as a space to put some slightly less serious stuff as part of my professional online presence. I'm not quite sure how it'll develop, but I hope it can be a space for general thoughts on language/lexicography, to share my experiences as a freelancer and to try out new ideas.

So watch this space ...