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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

World domination?!

With only a couple of little books to my name (and a trickle of pocket money in royalties), I don't really think much about the idea of being an 'author' or about my books going out into the wider world. But gradually, they seem to be spreading. I mentioned a while ago that there was a Japanese edition of Common Mistakes at Proficiency and now there's a Taiwanese edition:

More excitingly, it seems that there may be Chinese and Indian editions in the pipeline. Is this world domination? If all those little Chinese and Indian students go out and buy copies, could I be heading for bumper royalties?! It all feels quite exciting - until you realise they're low-price editions and I only get a tiny percentage royalty...

It still feels strange to think of stuff I've written finding it's way to parts of the world I've never even visited. Maybe if they do well enough, it'll provide an excuse for a few exotic 'promotional' trips? Maybe I'll have to lobby for that one ...