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Thursday, October 09, 2008

A noisy crunch

Whilst I don't seem to have been affected by the credit crunch just yet (touch wood!), I have been experiencing some unexpected indirect effects. All my neighbours seem to have decided that rather than sell up, they're going to do their places up. And living in a flat, I have plenty of neighbours - up, down and next door.

First it was upstairs with a new central heating system that involved lots of banging and drilling, followed by new carpet throughout - much more banging right above my desk! Then through the summer, downstairs went through seemingly endless renovations, including a new bathroom - more banging and drilling - damp-proofing - very load drilling through thick outer walls - and new windows - not a quiet job either. Then this week, scaffolding has appeared next door! Whatever they're doing doesn't, thankfully appear to involve much banging or drilling, just lots of clanging, scraping, shouting and a really annoying radio, just outside the window of my office!

I've tried to approach each new set of workman in a friendly sort of way, pointing out that I work at home and asking how long they're going to be. They've mostly been friendly and sympathetic, but all have pointed out that the work's got to be done. Fair enough I suppose, but it doesn't help much when you're trying to get on with work, concentrate and meet deadlines.

Oh, the joys of working at home!